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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Galway Property Manager Information

Originally posted by: Fodder

21 Feb 2006

Pargett Association Management Address: PO Box 871, Belmont, CA 94002 Phone: (650) 571-6062 Nick Pargett is our property manager.

Excerpts from the old blog

Herd From an Owner At Another Property Nick Manages
1 Mar 2006 by Fodder

An owner at another property Nick manages found my website about Galway and emailed me. The title is "Oh boy, do we need to talk." This person has also put up a website about their HOA. And has sued the HOA. And won. ...

Galway HOA Members -
Annual Financial Statements
21 Feb 2006 by Fodder

I also wanted to share with you that the Galway HOA Members website is up and running well. If you have anything you would like to share with everyone at Galway you may email me or just post a comment at the site. ...

Galway HOA Members -
This Blog's Purpose
15 Feb 2006 by Fodder

I hope we can use this forum to share information, communicate with each other and generally enable on online community mirroring our actual HOA (Home Owners Association). There are no memberships, dues or even rules. ...

Galway HOA Members -
19 Feb 2006 by Fodder

If you are the owner, I know the HOA (home owners association) is required by law to provide you with all the HOA documentation. ... I don't know if the HOA can charge you for it but I badgered the property manager until I got a copy of ...

Galway HOA Members -
21 Feb 2006 by Fodder

My Opinion: According to the CC&R's and Bylaws, the BOD cannot vote themselves this authority, only a full vote of the HOA members can do that. If the CC&r's, Bylaws, etc. , are going to be modified, it not only takes a membership vote ...

Galway HOA Members -
About Me
15 Feb 2006 by Fodder

I am a resident and owner here in Galway Place, therefore a member of the Home Owners Association. I started this web space to facilitate communication between resisdents and / or owners. I am not being paid, I am not a member of the ...

Galway HOA Members -
Fence Repair / Replacement Ideas
20 Mar 2006 by Fodder

As for a fence replacement project, even if the HOA had the money, information about the job was pretty sparse. Perhaps if people had more data they would be more willing to go for it. For example: 1. Demolition schedule. ...

Galway HOA Members -
Open for Business and Fun
15 Feb 2006 by Fodder

Hello and welcome. Please feel free to explore, leave comments or email me. All suggestions are welcome. There are flyers up around the neighbor hood. If anyone is visiting this blog and you notice the flyers have gone missing, ...

Galway HOA Members -
Landscape Watering News
15 Feb 2006 by Fodder

I recently asked Nick, then asked again, after my wife did also, to cut back on the watering of lawns around here. It was, after all, raining every couple of days. My lawn is still mud. How about yours? ...

Galway HOA Members -
29 Jan 2006 by Fodder

There's a link section over on the right. I was considering posting links to all the Galeway Home Owners Association (GHOA) documents I have. Any support for that idear (that's how Senior says it - and he's way bigger than me) ...

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